Effective communication among communities and their individual members is essential for peaceful coexistence and for solving many of the problems now facing the world. The constant flow of information from country to country and continent to continent in our shrinking world creates the need for institutions that encourage and support the development of language and intercultural communication skills. TESOL, an association of English language educators who work with learners from diverse cultural backgrounds in a wide variety of settings, is uniquely positioned to give a coordinated, knowledgeable response at the international, national, and local levels to issues affecting institutions that foster the development of effective human communications.


TESOL's mission is to ensure excellence in English language teaching to speakers of other languages.

TESOL values:
- professionalism in language education
- individual language rights
- accessible, high quality education
- collaboration in a global community
- interaction of research and reflective practice for educational improvement
- respect for diversity and multiculturalism

Peru TESOL was founded on February 22, 1991, at Sophianum School in Lima thanks to a Constitutional Committee chaired by Prof. Liliana Nunez-Aguirre, co-chaired by Prof. Norma Vecorena, tremendously supported by Profs. Veronica Luna, Rosario Muro, Jose Gonzales, and Isabel Nemi. The Committee voluntarily worked the previous year in the steps to successfully found Peru TESOL.

The foundation of Peru TESOL was sponsored by USAID, USIS, ICPNAs, the Fulbright Commission, API, ATE-URP, and other important organizations. More than one hundred volunteers made the Constitutional Convention possible.

Names that we remember with gratitude because they helped wholeheartedly to the Constitutional Committee in the foundation of Peru TESOL are: Ana Maria Romero-Lozada, Veronica Diaz de Ferrero, Betty Chavez de Pizarro, Sara Costa, Mother Gloria de la Rocha, Ambassadors Anthony and Susan Quainton, Melvin Cariaga, Elba de Cuba, Teresita Gómez, Fanny Arango, Marco Campos, Mariana Mould de Pease, Susana Zucchetti, and a dozen of graduates from the School of Modern Languages at Ricardo Palma University.

The first President  (1991-1993) elected was Mr. Joseph Attea, the Academic Director of ICPNA in Lima then. The second President  (1993-1994) elected was the late Dr. Ines Pozzi-Escot, a professor at San Marcos University and an advisor to the Ministry of Education then. The third President elected and three times re-elected  (1994-1996, 1996-1998, 1998-2000, 2000-2002) was Prof. Liliana Nunez-Aguirre, CEO of the California Linguistic Society and a United Nations trainer then. The fourth President elected  (2002-2003) was Mr. William Aranda, Chief of the Trainair Unit at CIAC-Corpac then. The fifth President elected  (2003-2005) was Ms. Marilyn Ambrosio, a teacher at Waldorf School. The sixth President elected (2005-2007) is Ms. Nefdy Falconi, a teacher at Nuestra Senora del Pilar High School and Past President of APIA.

Throughout its history, Peru TESOL has registered almost 2,400 members and has trained about 11,500 teachers in its workshops, seminars, annual conventions, and summer institutes held all over the country.

Peru TESOL has also been officially represented by successful speakers and delegates in Arica (Chile), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Vancouver (Canada), Los Angeles, Orlando, New York, and Atlanta in the United States.

Peru TESOL also ran a Teacher Exchange Program in coordination with Dekalb County School District in Atlanta, by which we sent 21 members to experience the teaching of ESL at different schools that belong to such District. This program was created by and coordinated with Dr. Thomas Smith.

Peru TESOL also offered scholarships to three of its members to study at State University of New York at Buffalo. This program was coordinated with Dr. Kathy Curtis. The grantees of these full scholarships were: Mariela Novella (Lima), Daly Chicoma (Chiclayo), and Alfredo Oporto (Arequipa).

Peru TESOL also received generous cooperation from New Jersey TESOL, thanks to Dr. Walter Eliason, and Peru TESOL keeps strong boundaries of cooperation with Georgia TESOL, which started with its President Patsy Thompson back in 1993.
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Peru TESOL history

The following persons have been honored for their extraordinary contribution to Peru TESOL throughout its history:

Peru-TESOL Constitutional Committee (founders of Peru TESOL):
          Liliana Nunez-Aguirre, Chair, Lima. Now Lecturer at Eastern Michigan University.
          Norma Vecorena, Co-Chair, Lima. Now Lecturer at Universidad Catolica del Peru.
          Joseph Attea, Lima. Now a retired teacher.
          Ana Maria Belizario, Arequipa.
          Isabel Castillo, Lima.
          Nefdy Falconi, Arequipa. Now President of Peru TESOL.
          Jose Gonzales, Lima. Now the Chief of the Research Unit at ICPNA.
          Gaby Guerrero, Chiclayo. Now Director of the Language Center of Universidad Pedro Ruiz Gallo.
          Telmo Gutierrez, Trujillo.
          Gustavo Gutierrez, Huancayo, now in Taiwan
          Veronica Luna, Lima. Now Teacher at Colegio Cesar Vallejo.
          Marcos Ly, Trujillo. Now Head of the Language Center of Universidad Cesar Vallejo.
          Rosario Muro, Lima. Now Teacher at ICPNA.
          Isabel Nemi, Lima. Now the High School English Coordinator at Colegio Sophianum.
          Judith Portella, Trujillo, now a Fulbright scholar in USA.
          Luz Rodriguez, Lima, now in USA.
          Juan Romero, Lima. Now a Translator at the FBI.
          Majid Safadaran, Chiclayo. Now an Advisor at Fundacion Universitaria Iberoamericana.
          Marilu Trelles, Piura, now teaching in USA.

And the following friends of Peru TESOL:
          Ana Maria Romero-Lozada, Lima. Past Minister of Women's Affairs and Social Development in Peru.
          Thomas Smith, Georgia, USA. Former Honorary Consul of Peru in Atlanta.
          Karen Jogan, Pennsylvania, USA. Professor at Albright College.
          Walter Eliason, New Jersey, USA. Teacher Educator at Rider College.
          (The late) Shirley Eaton, USA. Professor at Ursinus College.
          (The late) Emerita Valladares, Chile. Professor at Universidad de Tarapaca at Arica.
          Leticia Zavaleta, Cajamarca. Professor at Uniersidad Nacional de Cajamarca.
          Nelly Rosado, Tacna. Professor at Universidad Nacional Jorge Basadre.
          Gregory Tume, Piura. Professor at Universidad de Piura.
          Maya Leon Meis, Colorado, USA. President of Voice Productions.
          Charleise Young, Georgia, USA. Professor at Clark Atlanta University.
            Peru TESOL Chat Room

With the purpose of providing its members with a mean to have direct and immediate contact and to hold Chat conferences with speakers all over the world, Peru TESOL offers its Chat Room.

Visitors will be connected to it each time they visit this page. Where it says "Name," the word Anonymous and a number will appear. You can change it for the nick you like and click the Change button.

If there are other people connected, the message "Other members in this room are..." will appear, so you will know immediately who is connected.

Then you can write messages to the persons you find connected and make new friends all over the world. To leave the chat, you  just need to close this page.
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At the last General Meeting in Lima, members elected the following colleagues as Peru TESOL Board of Directors for the term 2005-2007:

Executive Board:

President:                            Nefdy Falconi Salazar, perutesoler23@yahoo.com
1st Vice President:            Florentina De la Cruz, perutesoler503@yahoo.com
2nd Vice President:          Nelly Rosado de Castillo, perutesoler0470@yahoo.com

Regional Directors:

Ancash:            Betty Risco Rodriguez, Tel. (44) 31-4218, perutesoler180@yahoo.com
Arequipa:         Nefdy Falconi Salazar, nefdy@yahoo.com
Cajamarca:      Leticia Zavaleta, Tel. (76) 36-6849
Junin:                Blanca Nolazco, perutesoler1908@yahoo.com
La Libertad:     Florentina De la Cruz, florentinarosas@yahoo.es
Lambayeque:  William Garboza Aguilar, Tel. (74) 21-4350
Lima:                 Jenny Zegarra de Passalacqua, perutesoler0119@yahoo.com
Loreto:              Elisa Gonzales Mera, perutesoler_1216@yahoo.com
Piura:                 Julio Tume, perutesoler0170@yahoo.com
Puno:                Beatriz Menendez Santander, Tel. (51) 50-3301
San Martin:      Jenny Valera Galvez, Tel. (42) 52-2625
Tacna:              Nelly Rosado de Castillo, munrana@yahoo.com

Regional Coordinators:

Amazonas:    Fidel Angel Elera Ramirez, Tel. (41) 9- 998-598
Cusco:            TBA (to be announced)
Pasco:             Nelida Flor Goycochea Euribe, Tel. (63) 72-2336, (63) 72-1227
Ucayali:             Rocio Perea Macedo, Tel. (61) 57-6124

Peru Tesol Liaisons (appointed by Peru Tesol President):

Liaison Abroad & Web Editor:      Liliana Nunez-Aguirre,  Past President and Honorary President, tesoler1@yahoo.com
Liaison in Lima:      Marilyn Ambrosio Ramirez,  Past President, perutesoler1105@yahoo.com 

Georgia Tesol Liaison (appointed by Georgia Tesol President):

Liaison with Peru Tesol:  Terry Williams, marduk91@yahoo.com
Peru Tesol, where great teachers never stop learning!
Foreign and national speakers (except those from Tacna) have the option to apply for the Lodging and Meals Plan, provided to speakers with at least two presentations accepted. Speakers just have to fill out the corresponding part in the Speaker Proposal Form. The plan by no means covers the speaker's relatives, friends, or colleagues nor does it cover single rooms or health plans.

"Shortening global distances
by making English learning easier"

Centro Cultural Peruano Norteamericano
Tacna, Peru
July 31st - August 2nd, 2007

                             Convention Chair:  Prof. Nelly Rosado de Castillo, perutesoler0470@yahoo.com
                                                                 Peru Tesol Second Vice President and Regional Director at Tacna
                              Associate Convention Chair: Prof. Nefdy Falconi Salazar, nefdy@yahoo.com
                              Peru Tesol President and Regional Director at Arequipa

                             Local Convention Chair: Prof. Carlos Rafael Castillo Rosado, carlosrafa@yahoo.com

If interested in presenting workshops, please download the following documents (deadline: January 30th, 2007):



Editor:  Liliana Nunez-Aguirre, an A.N.P. and I.F.J. member